Wheel Repair

If you already have a set of wheels you’re happy with, or perhaps a set of hubs with historical value or of a slightly more exotic variety but perhaps the rims are worn out or otherwise knackered, there’s no need to get rid and start again. A better and more cost effective option is to build a wheel based around the existing hubs, assuming that the bearings and freewheel are in serviceable condition.

Spokes can be specified to any length in various types and numerous rims, including the impressive Ambrosio P20, are available in drillings from 12 to 36 spokes. The build cost stays at £30 / wheel (plus shipping where applicable) and I’m happy to quote for parts — just drop me a line.

While the hub can’t be warranted under these conditions, the wheelbuild itself is covered by the normal Fleet Cycles assurances and your hubs will be assessed for condition before we start. Food for thought!

I can also advise on and supply spoke replacement, bearing replacement and other repairs.