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Miche hubs, Araya AR-713 rims

These wheels are for Marinus on the Loughborough University cycle team. Of course he has his superlight Chinese carbon wheels for race day, but if your trainibg schedule comprises of so many 2 hour rides and so many 5 hour rides at a given average power output, the “raceday lightness” of the wheels is less important than the durability. The budget bike he put together in September has well over 5000kms on it now and most of the components that are subject to wear including wheels, chain, chainrings and sprockets have changed a couple of times. This set are hopefully going to demonstrate that having a decent set of hubs and some quality rims is better value in the long run. These hubs have a great rep for quality and durability but the majority of riders aren’t training this hard in all weathers. The Araya rims are from Japan via the USA and are superb quality. It’s a mid price rim, but the finish and dimensional accuracy are amongst the best I’ve seen and I’ll be recommending them from now on. Especially if they survive the rest of the winter in Loughborough in good shape. They are just heavy enough to suggest that the breaking surface should last a bit longer than certain race-oriented wheels.